Piece of America in Germany

KatterbachKatterbach Kaserne is an American base located in Ansbach, Germany. I had some friends who were stationed there, so it was time to explore! Who would have thought that America was so close to home? Once you hand over your passport, you are literally entering American soil.

I instantly felt at home, hearing the familiar accents and contagious sounds of laughter. The TV features real American TV shows in their original form and not dubbed over with a German voice. You can even pay with U.S. dollars in the store and they import items from America!

The helicopter featured in the image is the Blackhawk. My friend has a helicopter mechanic background so we were able to learn a bit more about its inner workings. It was actually my first time inside a helicopter :)

Despite the positive aspects I listed above, Katterbach is located in the middle of nowhere. I can see how people become utterly bored confined to this space piece of American land. Of course, people are able to roam freely around Ansbach, which caters to the soldiers and their families. But Ansbach is a tiny city, so it doesn’t take long to explore the area.

I’m not sure which experience I would prefer: surrounded by Americans in an isolated area or surrounded by Germans, forced to assimilate. I can see the positives and negatives of both. I don’t really have a choice though, but if it was you, which one would you pick?

Photo courtesy of Jo W
Photo courtesy of Jo W

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