Auf geht’s Deutschland!

Photo courtesy of Anna W.It’s hard to live in Europe and not get swept away by the World Cup fever. For the past 6 years, I’ve cheered on the German team (die Mannschaft). This doesn’t tend to be problematic when in the US (surrounded by Germans) or in Germany.

But in the land of the orange (Oranje) it is challenging. After a heartbreaking loss, to Argentina, I no longer have to hide my affection and am cheering on Germany loud and proud during tonight’s final.

More than anything, I wish I was in Germany to watch the game. The atmosphere is contagious, food and beer flowing, and the silence during the game intense. This game means so much to the country. Germany has come in 3rd one too many times over the last years (World Cup, Euro Cup).  The team has been playing very well and I look forward to an energetic  and exciting game.

May the best team win – but fingers crossed that it’s Germany. Auf geht’s Deutschland!

Photo courtesy of Jo W.  Photo courtesy of Anna W.  Photo courtesy of Anna W.

*Photos are courtesy of Anna W. and Jo W. (yarn)


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