Graduation day!After a year that flew by very quickly, it was time for our Master in Media Culture graduation ceremony. I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

To prepare, we had to submit a baby photo and current photo of ourselves, as well as 30 seconds of music we wanted to play while we received our diploma. I mixed 3 songs together that I thought represented the current year and fit my personality: Where Brooklyn At? by Notorious B.I.G., Forever Young by Jay-Z, and Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I definitely credit the Sound Technologies and Culture Practices course with teaching us Audacity so I could even create my own soundtrack.

Our advisers read very personalized messages to us, which I didn’t expect, but really enjoyed. Since I decided to do my internship abroad, I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my adviser, Dr. Karin Wenz, as I would have liked. However, her input and feedback was always appreciated and helped me focus my topics. Dr. Wenz is also the program director, so she was behind the podium a lot, reading on behalf of other professors who were unable to attend in person. This means her group was last. As I realized that I was next in line for my speech and diploma, my heart started to beat a bit louder and faster, even though I didn’t have anything to be nervous about.

While I was trying to record her speech, the official photographer came over to take my picture Graduation ceremonyand I seemed to be unable to process doing two things simultaneously. In the middle of my video, you can see where my friend grabbed the camera out of my hand so I could have my picture taken.

Dr. Wenz also quoted my last manager, Alex, at my internship, which I really enjoyed and was unaware of the compliment. My former manager described me as a stable rock in the middle of a stormy sea. She said I was always there, reliable, continuing with my work and ideas, and independent of the drama going on around me. Thank you, Alex! It really was a pleasure working with you.

After graduation, we took some photos and drank champagne with together. My very close friends and I exchanged gifts. They got me a purse a wanted for fall (teal colored) and My First Dutch book, featuring Miffy, my favorite Dutch toy brand. I laughed so hard when I saw it especially at words that are the same in Dutch and English (i.e. panda). After a lot of photos, we headed off to our high tea lunch at the Kruisherenhotel Maastricht.

High teaThe Kruisherenhotel is a former church converted into a hotel. When King Willem and Queen Maxima visited Maastricht in June, they stayed here. Combine this sophistication with high tea and we have a proper celebration!

It was my first time having high tea, and at first glance I thought the food wasn’t enough for the five of us. Not only was there enough food for all of the hungry graduates, but we even had leftovers! I can highly recommend having high tea at the Kruisherenhotel. Not only is the experience unique, the food and staff wonderful, but they were very congratulatory as well – in person and online. When I tweeted that we were having high tea there, the official Twitter account and one of the managers congratulated me and thanked us for eating there. Love. it.

Now it’s official. I have a Master in Media Culture. I still can’t really believe it. Now for the next step – finding a job!


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