My castle

Ever since I met my fiancé, I feel in love with the castle on the hill in his hometown (he’s not so bad either ;-)). Festung Marienberg in Würzburg offers amazing views of the city, the Prince’s garden, a beautiful church, a museum (which I went to for the first time on this trip), and let’s not forget the history.

I’ve been to the castle four times and each time I see something different.  I’ve never eaten at the restaurant, but I heard good things about the food. It was packed because on Sunday all the stores are closed so people have plenty of extra time for leisure activities.  But the weather was beautiful so we didn’t mind.

I had “Wurzburg sausages” which were tasty. I really need to start taking photos of my meals before I devour them. Of course it took almost 2 hours for us to get our food, which I consider typical customer service in Germany (more to come on this very soon).

Then we wandered around the castle and I found new areas open.

We were able to see the Princes’ Garden which is absolutely beautiful on a sunny day. It’s so calming to look at an entire city and admire its beauty from above. You can also see the other castle which is located inside the city – the Residenz.

The museum inside is also open now and it only cost 4 euro to take the tour. Even though most of the text is in German, the photos are fascinating. They have larger than life replicas of what Würzburg looked like in the 1600s and again in 1945 after it was heavily bombed. It also featured pieces of furniture from royalty.

If you’re ever in Würzburg, make sure Festung is on your list of must-see places! Enjoy!


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