Life, liberty and the pursuit of travel

Thank you GAdventures!
Thank you GAdventures!

Are people always asking you what your passion is? Have you figured out the answer yet? For the time being, my answer to this lifelong, prolific question is traveling.

My family wasn’t privileged enough to take vacations when I was little. We went to Hershey Park, Sesame Place and the Poconos (oddly enough all are PA destinations). I got my first real travel taste at the tender age of 12.

Our varsity volleyball team was invited to play in the World Youth Games in London and as a nice gesture the junior varsity team was also invited. My parents and I managed to fund raise my entire trip. We trained in Cambridge, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris and competed in London. (Side note: I distinctly remember Amsterdam and Antwerp being my favorite because I’d never seen such blue skies, delicious chocolate and the friendly people). Even back then, I was the online person on the junior varsity team to socialize with the other teams – how could I pass up an opportunity to meet people from different countries and learn about them?!

Fast forward to 2008, where I’m on my first business trip to Germany. Even back then I knew I would live here. I chalked up the move for a good career move, but I was really excited about the potential adventure that came with living in Europe. The ability to easily navigate borders, enter a new country via a multitude of transportation options, use the same currency (for the most part),  experience new cuisines and cultures… and all for a relatively affordable price. The first year I moved here, I went to different cities and small towns in Germany, including Munich during Oktoberfest, Berlin, and Heidelberg, back to the USA, Prague, Dubai, Paris, Vienna, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. Granted, some places were for work, but it was still a great experience! How could I avoid being bitten by the travel bug?!Earth Day 2013

Sometimes the travel bug kicks you when you least expect it. I decided to attend an event that GAdventures hosted, celebrating Earth Day, because I like the company’s dedication to unique travel tours and giving back to the community. Plus it was a cool opportunity to finally meet some people I communicate with on social media and link up with an old friend and fellow Jamaican (photo to the right). I didn’t even realize food would be provided or that they were raffling off a free trip to Costa Rica. So imagine my surprise when – guess who – won the raffle for the trip to Costa Rica! SCORE! I can’t even explain the shock, excitement and exhilaration I experienced. I’ve never been to Central America before! In fact, I had to cut down on traveling, since obviously I’m a student and my budget is limited. I can’t thank the good people at GAdventures enough for this wonderful opportunity.

It just goes to show that sometimes your passion has a way of finding you – even when you least expect it or have given up hope. I believe Douglas Adams sums it up best when he said:

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Travel is like breathing

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